Devils in the Details

Draft Lottery Livestream

Join Ian Pulz and Duncan Field of the Devils in the Details Podcast as they livestream the 2019 NHL Entry draft and talk about the New Jersey Devils franchise, their prospects, and the future of the team


Join Ian and Duncan as they count down towards the 2019 NHL draft lottery live on Youtube. This new live episode of the Devils in the Details Podcast will feature the usual discussion of the New Jersey Devils, past drafts, and upcoming draft targets. Watch as the boys have their 2019 draft hopes either made or crushed as the league reveals the winners of the lottery.

Come with your questions and thoughts on all things Devils and draft, and enjoy the draft lottery with your fellow fans.

The livestream will start at 8pm on April 9 on our Youtube channel, and we expect the final results to air between 8:45 - 9:00pm. You can sign up below to receive an email reminder and a link to the show.

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